African Gist hosted the Kinshasa Digital Meetup & Networking in Brussels

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April 11, 2018 by

African Gist hosted the Kinshasa Digital Meetup & Networking in Brussels

On the 6th of April, African Gist organized the Kinshasa Digital Meetup in partnership with Kinshasa Digital.

Part of the Kinshasa Digital European Tour, African Gist brought together African tech entrepreneurs and diaspora talents for a cosy and empowering meetup on digital growth in DRCongo and in Africa. The meetup was followed by a networking session.

Comfortable sofas, several pouffes, drinks and munchies in a very cosy room, this is how African Gist hosted its first event of the year in Brussels.

For that event, several tech professionals, experts, highly experienced actors and entrepreneurs came together to exchange with our guests from Kinshasa.
Thomas Strouvens, Vice-President of Silikon Bantu, a digital startup incubator based in Kinshasa, Andrew Patton, co-founder of  Kinshasa Digital and their team came to meet diaspora talents and talk about ways diaspora youth and Kinshasa tech startups can work together to boost digital growth in DR.Congo and Africa.

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their area of expertise and their motivations to support the development of digital startups in Africa. Amongst participants, there were members of the Africa Business Club Brussels, ULB  academic members, the founder of the Fablab Arba Esa, web developers, digital marketers, computer engineers, experts in cybersecurity, digital entrepreneurs, bankers and  business owners ready to put their skills available for tech development in Africa.

Attendees and guests shared views on the Continent’s development and opportunities for DRC to get to the level of Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa when it comes to tech development and digital penetration.

The event was followed by a networking session during which attendees and guests could get to know each other, share thoughts and discuss further collaborations.

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