African Gist advocates for concrete actions to support African tech entrepreneurs at the European Parliament

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December 6, 2017 by

African Gist advocates for concrete actions to support African tech entrepreneurs at the European Parliament

On November 22, African Gist was part of a delegation of young experts invited to intervene at the High-Level Conference organized by the European Parliament in Brussels.

Ahead of the Europe-Africa Head of States Summit in Abidjan, African Gist was invited to join a delegation of young diaspora experts present to share their advocacy in front of high personalities. The speakers included Pierre Heilbronn, Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Isabelle Durant, Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD, Christophe Yvetot, Director of UNIDO Representation to the EU and ACP Secretariat, Lamberto Dai Pra’, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Australia for Enel Green Power, Issad Rebrab, CEO of the CEVITAL industrial group and many more.
Taking part in the discussion on Youth & Entrepreneurship and Culture & Education, Cynthia Mukendy asked decision makers to provide relevant solutions for development through digital, ease the visa procedure for education and to consider the diaspora as a relevant actor for development.
During the discussion on Youths and Entrepreneurship, Cynthia pointed out the case of the entrepreneurs from the diaspora creating jobs in Africa. She urged the decision makers to ease the administrative process for those willing to support local economies  and a to create a legal framework for digital businesses.
She also mentionned the urgent need to support training of Africa digital talents if  we want to reduce the tech gap between European and African companies.
Finally, she ended up her speech reminding the audience that the youth is not the futur but the present, actions need to be taken with urgency.

During the discussion on culture and education, Cynthia called on MEPs to view digitalization as a development tool to promote and see Culture as an economic opportunity towards youth employment.

Finally, she pointed out the issue of visa being too often denied to Africans willing to travel to Europe for study or trainings. Making the visa process so hard goes against the desire to provide education for development as expressed by international actors.

African Gist thanks ACP Young Professional Network (ACPYPN) and the European Parliament for the opportunity given to speak for the youth.

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