African Gist at the Inspir'talks, Paris

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African Gist at the Inspir'talks, Paris

On June 23, African Gist was invited to the 6th edition of the Inspir’Talks in Paris.
The conference was about repats and entrepreneurship in Africa.
Who are the repats? Why do they decide to return to Africa and what are the opportunities for business there? So many questions and so many experiences were shared during the event hosted by Laure Gnagbé Blédou.

Our founder shared the stage with a panel of experts, entrepreneurs and repats such as: Mr Issiaka Konate, MD of ”Les Ivoiriens de l’extérieur” – Mrs Marion Scappaticci, from  AfricaFrance Foundation- Mrs Brice Bredji and Steve Nicouey, founders of KODJI Agency – Mr Souleymane Khol, VP Sales & Marketing at AccorHotels for Africa – Mrs Yamousso Thiam-Berthod, CEO of “La Maison YUXE“, Mrs Paola Audrey N, CEO at PANNELLE & Co. et Mr Gossy Ukanwoke, CEO of Beni American University.
Cynthia started her intervention by talking about her own experience as a repat and shared her thoughts on how the diaspora should prepare its return to the Continent. She highlighted the fact that for many youths,  the return is motivated by their desire to make their skills useful for something they believe in: Africa’s development.
Unfortunately and for different reasons, those youths have low interest in working for local companies. Making those skills only available to multinationals/ international NGO’s based on the Continent whereas local companies are the ones needing those skills the most.
She then explained why youths from the African diaspora do not place local businesses as first choice when looking for a job.
She encouraged youths to understand that they have to learn from those being on ground with respect and humility and favor local companies instead of big multinationals.
She also asked local companies to believe in the skills of youths from the African diaspora. To believe that if they come back to Africa, it is not always because something is wrong with them but simply because they want their skills to be used for something they want to be part of: Africa’s development.
We would like to thank Inspire Afrika Magazine for the invitation and all the guests and attendees for the quality of the debate.
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